vehicle wraps

Vehicle wraps are illustrations or designs that are printed onto adhesive-backed vinyl material and then transferred onto your car, van, truck, trailer, anything really. There are a number of different ways in which vehicle wraps can be performed, but it is important to use a reliable service to get the work done. Graphic Stitch is a one stop shop for this exciting new advertising medium. Since the vehicle wraps are not painted on to the car but adhered, they can be temporary or last for years. Many people appreciate this as compared to painting to car, because if they want to sell the vehicle eventually the vehicle wrap could come off if the prospective buyer does not want it. Additionally, vehicle wraps are much less expensive when compared to painting graphics onto your vehicle.

​Our designers are dedicated to assisting you, our client, throughout the entire vehicle wrap process from concept to completion. Once the vehicle wrap design is finalized and the actual graphics have been printed, our team will install the graphics on your vehicle(s) in our climate-controlled facility here in Marysville, Ohio.

​Properly done a car graphic will tell your story for less. Advertising on your car costs less per impression than almost any other advertisement.

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