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​Screen Printing

Our in-house screen printing shop is equipped with the latest printing technology to give your shirts the best possible look. We can print in a rainbow of colors, including certain metallic colors, bringing your designs vibrantly to life. We can easily handle orders raging in size from 12 pieces to 12,000 so don't hesitate to think big! We can also handle unusual orders such as umbrellas, blankets and binders so don't be afraid to think outside the box.

​We use a wide variety of printing methods including Real four-color process, simulated process, and spot color.

​With today's popularity of custom apparel, customer's are becoming more and more specific about how they want their orders to look. We can use a variety of methods to give your design a popular "distressed" look or we can use traditional methods for a clean, crisp print. It's up to you!